Customer Relationship Management

Drive Loyalty Through Membership

"Companies with strong loyalty programs grow revenues 2.5x faster than their competitors" - HBR

Design your own loyalty program that best represents your business. Start your loyalty program today and watch its success.

Customized Membership Card

  • Custom membership card design
  • Tiered loyalty program
  • Flexible incentive policy
  • Point expiration & renewal
  • Membership collaboration

Join, Earn, and Get Rewarded!

"75% of customers are more likely to make another purchase after receiving a loyalty reward." - Wirecard

Turn visitors to loyal customers by offering an attractive reward program to keep them coming back.

Join a Membership Program
Earn Points on Every Purchase
Redeem Points and Get Rewarded!

Treat Every Customer Like a VIP

"79% of consumers said personalized service is an important factor in determining where to shop." - BRP

Show your appreciation to your loyal customers by giving them personalized offers.

Birthday Offers

Sent automatically to customers on their birthdays.

Special Event Offers

Sent automatically to customers on a specific event or date.

Personalized Offers

Sent to customers who have common interests.

Comeback Offers

Sent automatically to customers who have not visited your business for a while.

Customer Engagement & Development

"44% of U.S. consumers are loyal to brands that engage them" - Accenture

We understand that managing a business takes a lot of time and effort. Haku is equipped with an automated engagement tool that will help you keep your customers close while you focus on running your business.

Targeted Campaigns

Create a campaign that best targets your customers. Haku uses data analytics and statistical models to help you identify your customers' interests and behaviors so you can effectively run your campaigns.

Review & Feedback

Run a business your customers love. Automatically engage your customers by asking their experiences in doing business with you. Learn what they love about your business and what can be improved.

Build your business profile in Haku and increase your brand exposure to a larger group of customers.
Business Info
Business Hour
Social Media

Customer Acquisition & Lead Generator

"65% of new business opportunities come from recommendations and referrals." - New York Times

Haku's data-driven marketing tools help you effectively attract new customers that may be interested in your business while your customers actively bringging their friends thru incentivized referral programs.

Incentivized Referral Programs

Create a referral program that offers incentives to encourage your customers to introduce your business to their friends. Haku allows customers to share your membership program easily through various social media.

How Successful is My Referral?

Monitor your referral program's success and effectiveness directly from your phone and see the outcome right away.

  • Increase in customers
  • Increase in sales & profit
  • Advocate performance
  • Referral status

Brand Exposure

Increase your brand exposure to nearby customers, especially those with common interests to your business. Take advantage of Haku's digital marketing tool to effectively target your potential customers and offer them a welcome reward.

Online Shopping Experience

Haku is fully integrated with Mille POS enabling customers to shop directly from their mobile phones, from navigating your menu, placing order, redeeming rewards & offers, to completing payment.

Online Catalog

Place Order

Receive Order

Get Rewarded

Mobile Order via Haku

Navigating store menu, placing order, redeeming rewards, and completing order; all can be done directly from customers' phone. Merchants can easily customize their menu, promotions, and rewards that may only be available for online purchases.

Process Order via Mille

When a mobile order has been submitted, a notification will show up in the merchant's POS. Review, confirm, and process the order directly via Mille POS. You can also configure whether the order has to be paid upfront (e.g., e-payment using Haku) or can be paid on pick-up or delivery.

  • New order notification
  • Payment notification
  • Order status updates

Get Rewarded in Haku

Customers will get messages and updates on their orders (e.g., an order is being processed). Once an order is completed, any membership point will be added and a receipt will be sent directly to the customer's account.

  • Reward points
  • Digital receipt
  • Puchase history

e-Gift Card & Vouchers

Customized Gift Card

  1. Customer buys your gift card with a specific value in it
  2. Make an online payment using an e-wallet application
  3. Share the gift card to a friend as a present
  4. Get reward points for purchasing and sharing a gift card

Customer & Membership Analytics

Learn your customer demographics, interests, and behaviors to help you make key business decisions. Monitor your loyalty program's success (e.g., rewards, referrals, campaigns, etc.) directly from your phone at anytime and anywhere.

Membership Overview
Member Demographics
Incentives Turnaround
Reward / Offer Popularity
Gift Card Sales
Referral Success
Campaign Success

And many more rigorous analytics including interest-based analytics, product recommendation, and referral turnover.

Your business report and analysis can be easily exported, emailed, or printed.

Plans and Pricing




Digital Loyalty Program
The best out-of-the-box digital loyalty program with flexible reward and incentive policy
Standard Custom
Automatic Customer Data Capture
Seamlessly collect customer information such as age, gender, interest, and visit history
Personalized Offers
Treat every customer like a VIP and celebrate invaluable moments together
Digital Gift Cards
Create personalized gift cards and greetings for your customers to share
Customer Reviews
Get invaluable feedback from your customers after their visits
Customer Engagement
Maintain communication with your customers and learn what they love about your business
Customer Database Reports & Analytics
Utilize Artificial Intelligence to better understand your customers' activities and interests
Brand Exposure & Social Media Integration
Expose your brand and store information, and connect it with your social media accounts
Campaigns & Marketing Automation
Share exciting news to your customers automatically and reach those who might love your business but have not visited yet
Incentivized Referral Program
Create an incentivized referral that encourages your loyal customers to bring their friends to you
Subscription (Monthly fee)
The subscription fee includes online support and monthly membership, customer, and coverage reports
N/A IDR299,000
Required Onboarding (One-time fee)
The installation fee covers the cost to setup your membership card, Haku QR stand, and 1-day training
IDR499,000 FREE

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