A constellation of everything you need to grow your business

Manage every aspect of your business intelligently

Monitoring your assets, managing the team, and engaging your customers;
all account to your business success.
Grow Your Customer Base

Attract new customers and grow your customer base through data-driven marketing tools, targeted campaigns, and incentivized referral programs.

Turn Visitors to Loyal Customers

Boost every customer's experience with seamless checkout and drive loyalty by introducing an attractive and personalized reward program.

Accelerate Your Business

Utilize data analytics and machine learning techniques to analyze your business trends and learn how to accelerate your business.



Customer Relationship Management

Your customers are your most valuable asset. With our data-driven marketing tools and comprehensive digital loyalty program, Haku helps you grow your customer base by actively bringing new customers and keeping them engaged.

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Growth
  • Customer Analytics
  • Lead Generator
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Cloud-based POS

Mille helps your monitor all your business activities in real-time directly from your phone at anytime and anywhere. Mille is designed for everyone, from pop-up stores to multi-outlets businesses and enterprise.

  • Digital Payment
  • Go Online
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Management
  • Accounting Reports
  • Business Analytics
  • Employee Management
  • Secure Access Controll
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Learn how we help you grow your business

Customer Acquisition

Increase your brand exposure and attract new customers. Our automated data-driven marketing tools will actively expose your brand to potential customers while your loyal customers are encouraged to bring their friends to you by offering them incentives.

Customer Retention

Treat every customer like a VIP. You can maintain a communication with every single customer with the help of automated customer engagement tools. This way, you can focus on growing your business and we focus on keeping customers coming back.

AI-Powered Analytics

Lakes leverage powerful data analytics techniques and machine learning algorithms to help you understand your business trend and get to know your customers better through valuable insights based on statistical models exclusively tailored for you.

Inventory Management

Never run out of inventory nor stockpile your products. Get notified when a product is running low and use the prediction to determine when and how much to re-stock. Your inventory system will predict your inventory needs for future events so you don't miss any of them.

Multi Brand & Outlet

Analyze the performance of individual outlet/store, compare and contrast the performance of your outlets, and learn your brand's performance as a whole easily with a single account management. This allows you to easily connect all your brands together and get an in-depth overview on how to grow them together.

Customized to Perfection

Every business is unique. Lakes' products are fully customizable to fit your business' characteristics perfectly, from designing your own loyalty programs, determining the checkout process of your business (payment, serving, etc.,) to customizing your point-of-sales system that best suits your business.

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