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Mille POS and management applications are available on iPhones, Android phones, tablet computers, and Web.
So, you can run your business at anywhere and anytime!

Checkout Application

on iPhones, Android Phones and Tablets

Management Application

on iPhones, Android Phones, Tablets, and Web

Built to Perfection

Easy, Fast, Secure Checkout

Mille accepts any type of payments including e-money and QR-based payment to help you process any transaction easily, quickly, and securely. All transactions and sales will be recorded in real-time and hence they are readily available in an instant.

Tailored to Your Needs

Mille is designed to support any kind of businesses at any scale, from pop-up stores to large business enterprises with multiple outlets. Mille is equipped with all the fundamental features that every business requires and various distinctive features to fit the uniqueness of your business charateristics perfectly.

Personal Business Assitant

With Mille, you can easily monitor all your business activities and reports in real-time from your phone at anytime and anywhere. Mille provides both a real-time monitoring dashboard and in-depth reports that helps you grow business in the right direction. In addition, Mille will send you a notification on activities that require your attentions.

Fundamental Features You Need

Cash, Card, e-Money

Accept cash, cards, e-money seamlessly for full payment, multi-payment, or split bill.

Store, Pick Up, Delivery

Handle in-store contactless orders, pick-ups, and deliveries directly in your POS.

Never Run Out of Stock

Always be aware of your inventories & get notified on low availability.

Business Analytics

Monitor all your sales, profit, and other business' activities in real-time.

Become an Online Business

Mille is fully integrated with Haku allowing customers to navigate your menu / product catalog, place order, make payment, and keep a digital receipt directly on their phones.

  1. Make your menu / catalog available online
  2. Allow customers to place order, pay, and track their order status from their phones
  3. Receive an order notification & process it directly in your POS
  4. Deliver the order to your customers
  5. Automatically generate a digital receipt and give your customer perk points on every purchase
Contactless / QR / Mobile Order

Placing order in a restaurant can be done from every customer's mobile phone.
Start by simply scanning a QR code attached on a table, and checkout directly from mobile phone.

1. Scan QR

Scanning a QR code attached to a table will automatically redirect customer to your online menu.

2. Contactless Checkout

Place an order, redeem reward, and choose a payment option from the customer's phone.

3. Process & Deliver Order

Get an order notification at the POS when an order is placed, process the order, and serve it to your customer.

All Other Features You Need in One Application

Item Recipe & Processing
Stock Monitoring & Notification
Employee Shift, Sales & Salary
Employee Access & Authorization
Customer Relationship Management
Brand & Store Management

Beyond Point of Sales

Forecasting Inventory

Mille's Inventory Management module allows you to monitor your inventory's flow and changes in real-time. You can further see your inventory distribution among your storages and stores/outlets. By utilizing artificial intelligence, Mille will help you easily identify your inventory cost and forecast your inventory needs. - Don't miss out on future events nor stockpile your inventories.

Understand Your Business Cost

Mille's Financial Management module helps you understand cost of running your business, including the production overhead of every product, your in-storage inventory value, human resources (e.g., salary), and the ingredient and production cost of every product. Mille provides various in-depth reports and analysis of your sales, cost, and profit. - Keep your business profitable.

Who's Your Top Performers?

Mille's Team Management module allows you to manage all your employees, from their employment status, salary history, to their performance. This way you can easily identify those meeting or exceeding performance goals. - Acknowledge those performing beyond expectation.

Understand Your Customer Perceived Value

Mille's Customer Management module helps you identify your business' trend and understand your customers to see what they think and love about your business. Create products and promotions that best attract your customers. - Run a business your customers love.

Start Accelerating Your Business Today

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Plans and Pricing

Mille Lite


IDR 99,000/mo

Perfect for online stores and small businesses
  • Cloud-based POS
  • e-money & QRIS payment
  • In-store, takeaway, delivery
  • Promotion, surcharge, tax
  • Cash flow
  • 1 employee profile
  • 1 outlet management
  • Limited sales reports
  • Online support



IDR 249,000/mo

Perfect for small to medium businesses
All Mille Lite features, plus:
  • Mobile/online order
  • Split bill & payment
  • Customer management
  • Team management
  • Recipe & ingredients
  • Basic inventory recording
  • Up to 5 employee profiles
  • Multi-POS integration
  • Standard sales reports

Mille Pro


IDR 499,000/mo

Perfect for large and enterprise businesses
All Mille features, plus:
  • Supplier & purchase order
  • Central kitchen / storage
  • Room / table management
  • Employee sales, shift, salary
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Up to 20 employee profiles
  • Multi-outlet management
  • In-depth reports & analytics
  • Dedicated support

Additional Features

Already included in the Mille Pro subscription

Advanced Inventory

  • Production yield
  • Supplier
  • Purchase order
  • Good receipt
  • Central kitchen/storage
  • Inventory prediction
  • Cost of Goods Sold

Room/Table Management

  • Graphical interface
  • Room/section
  • Table layout
  • Order from table
  • Transfer table
  • Merge table
  • Reservation

Employee Management

  • Sales performance
  • Performance target
  • Employee shift
  • Time cards
  • Salary history
  • Employee reports
  • Employee of the month

Agent Commission

  • Agent registration
  • Flexible Commission
  • Product commission
  • Agent receipt
  • Performance target
  • Agent report
  • Commission report

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